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The Sacrament Of Reconciliation : A Theological And Canonical Treatise

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The central theme of the study is Christ as the sacrament of reconciliation of the human being with God. In light of this premise, the study is divided into two main parts.

Toward Understanding The Hebrew Canon

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Toward Understanding the Hebrew Canon: A Form-Critical Approach explores in an original and reflective way the relations between the linguistic forms, ideas and life involvements of biblical genres. The various forms of the Hebrew Bible reflect and correspond to the richly diverse life experiences of the Hebrew people, which include varied legal, cultic and erotic interactions. Divine speech is a prominent literary form in the Hebrew Bible, according to Buss's analysis. It has an emotive character, and is highly personal. Such speech establishes a series of Origin events that run from creation to the foundation of kingship; it both provides norms for life and struggles with human recalcitrance. Divine speech also provides evaluative assessments of present and envisaged situations, and it promises a truly good End. The humans to whom divine speech is directed are called on to acknowledge the divine reality, which they can do through self-transcendence, as a part of selfhood. In ethics, a receptive attitude acknowledges the unconditional worth of others, which is supported by Deity. Human speech is usually also emotive, although on occasion it is concerned rather with dry historical actualities. It is intertwined with divine speech in narratives and prophecies. In these fourteen essays (one of them previously unpublished) the renowned biblical scholar Martin Buss gathers an array of his work from many years, bringing to bear on the Hebrew Bible his extensive researches in cross-cultural data and in other disciplines such as philosophy and social psychology.

A Brotherhood Of Canons Serving God

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This study focuses on the canons of the nine secular cathedrals in England in the later middle ages, who were amongst the most able and successful clerics of their age. After considering the functions of the cathedrals which provided them with a comfortable income and considerable status, Dr Lepine turns to the canons themselves, tracing their origins and analysing their careers. He examines the canons' residence at their cathedrals, establishing how many were resident in the close and how much time they spent there. The study concludes by presenting two case studies to show the vigour and diversity of capitular life in the later middle ages: Salisbury between 1398 and 1458 (its so-called golden age) and Lichfield from 1490 to 1540, on the eve of the Reformation. Dr DAVID LEPINE teaches history at Dartford Grammar School.


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