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A State Space Approach To Canonical Factorization With Applications

RRP $519.99

The present book deals with canonical factorization of matrix and operator functions that appear in state space form or that can be transformed into such a form. A unified geometric approach is used. The main results are all expressed explicitly in terms of matrices or operators, which are parameters of the state space representation. The applications concern different classes of convolution equations: the transport equation, singular integral equations, Wiener-Hopf equations with symbols analytic in a strip, and equations involving factorization of non-proper rational matrix functions. The analysis of canonical factorization for functions with symmetries, including spectral and J-spectral factorizations, related Ricatti equations, and elements of H-infinity control theory are also main topics.This book is the second book written by the four authors in which the state space factorization method is systematically used and developed further. In their first book, released in 2007, the emphasis is on non-canonical factorizations and degree one factorizations, in particular. The present book concentrates on canonical factorization and its applications. Together both books present a rich and far reaching update of the 1979 monograph, the first book in the OTAA series, written by the first three authors.

Women's Poetry In The Enlightenment: The Making Of A Canon, 1730-1820

RRP $280.00

A unique collection of twelve critical essays on women's poetry of the eighteenth-century and late enlightenment, the first to range widely over individual poets and to undertake a comprehensive exploration of the formal experiments, aesthetics, and politics of their work. Experiment with genre and form, the poetics of the body, the politics of gender, revolutionary critique, and patronage are themes of the collection.

Canon Law In The Anglican Communion

RRP $258.95

There is no recognized corpus of binding law globally applicable to all Churches in the Anglican Communion. Ostensibly, each Church is autonomous, free to make rules to facilitate and to order its internal life. This book, which is global in scope and will be of interest throughout the world, makes available for the first time a comparative study of the Constitutions, Canons, and other forms of law of Churches in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Does analysis draws out the similarities and differences between them and, from the coincidence of actual laws and from global ecclesiastical conventions enunciated by the Lambeth Conference, he elucidates the global principles of Anglican canon law that may apply to all Churches in the Communion. The subjects examined include: government; ministry; doctrine and liturgy; rites; property; inter-church relations; and ecumenism. Does thorough and practical analysis of a hitherto under-explored subject is placed squarely within its jurisprudential and theological context, and will be welcomed by both practitioners and scholars. For those within the Anglican Communion, his book offers a wealth of information enabling individual Churches to see how fellow Churches are organized. For those without, the book provides a valuable insight into Anglican government and law.


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