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Lightning As A 'photographer'

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Occasionally, it happens that when men or animals have been struck by lightning, peculiar impressions have been left upon their bodies, which seem to be the exact impression of some adjacent objects, persons, paintings etc in the vicinity of the stroke. The imprint is so accurate, and sometimes the exact colours of the original object are also imprinted in such a way, that it makes any common observer believe it to be a photographic replica. Amazing as it may seem, lightning sometimes turns out to be a good photographer! The book revisits this curious phenomenon of nature after more than a century - especially at a time when science is perplexed to explain the causes of spontaneous appearance of ghostly images occasionally found on window panes, or the recent miraculous appearance of Virgin Mary's image on the window of a hospital in Malaysia. The book contains a greater body of information about the curious photographic effects of lightning than any other work on the subject and it will be a convenient guide to those who wish to investigate further the amazing phenomenon of nature. This is a thorough study of the subject, written in non-technical language for the layman with a scientific inclination or just curiosity about nature.

Ipad For Photographers 2nd Edition

RRP $21.99

The photography community has been among the earliest and most enthusiastic adopters of Apples revolutionary iPad. With its crystal - clear display, powerful graphical capabilities and intuitive interface, its certainly an effective way to show off photographs. But what else can it do? In this, the 2nd Edition of this incredibly successful publication, Ben Harvell explains how the iPad is revolutionising the way that pro photographers work. There are powerful photo editing applications, easy-to-use photo sharing and display programs and useful tethered - shooting capabilities. This book explains all, and is a must-read for digital photographers everywhere.

Through My Eyes - Why Take That Photo? Be A Part Of The Photograph, Not Just The Photographer

RRP $50.99

I was always the one not in the pictures as I was always taking them. In this life long process I learned the difference between a picture and a photo. A picture is what we take and a photo has a story. One of my greatest photographic thrills is to have people look at me when I'm photographing something, then look in the direction I'm photographing and look back at me. Then they look again at the direction I'm photographing. Seeing the look of what is he doing? What does he see? Fills me with the "What" the juice of my being?" Or to be asked: "How long did it take you to take that photo?" Answer: "All my life!" Or to be told: "I have a camera, I could take that photo." Reply: Great, go, do it, and find this moment for you. You'll enjoy it. This is not a technical book, it's a PHOTOGRAPHY IS FUN book and every photo has a STORY. The equipment doesn't make you a professional or even a good photographer. YOU DO! Technology rules in so much of our world. It answers our questions, computes our math, governs so much of our lives, tells us what month, day, and time it is, has taken society from knowing ones neighbors to not knowing who lives next door, but at the same time it has shrunk our world to bring us closer together in mind, body, and spirit. There is a saying: "We are all one people" and technology has brought that to the forefront more than before. At the same time it has challenged outdoor activities, social contact, and human nature. There are so many technical photography books but none that I know of tell the story of why the photo taken. I want people to learn how to see what others don't, to look for the banquet Mother Natures gives us everyday, to feel the photo, and to become aware of the pure fun and joy of photography.


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