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Introduction To Photography

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This book is intended to be the primary textbook to support any college who would like to run a Photography 101 course for students. The course is designed to offer tutors an independent learning tool to enable students to learn the craft of using an interchangeable lens camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) and the basics of an image-editing program (Adobe Lightroom) to enable them to take creative control of the imaging process. The curriculum offers a step-by-step and jargon-free approach to learning the fundamental skills of creative camera control. Each page features a large image with a brief explanation of how the creative controls of the camera have led to the resulting visual appearance of the image. Information on each page is stripped down the essentials and text is carefully selected to be unambiguous and kept to the bare minimum to ensure rapid acquisition of the skills on offer. This effective course-in-a-book allows students quickly to become technically proficient, and instructors to efficiently evaluate students' progress.

Excellent Exposure Photography

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Learn To Capture The Most Breathtaking Photos Possible As children, we often recall sitting at our grandparent's homes looking at photographs of our parents taken during their childhood. If we were lucky, we may have the privilege of seeing our grandparent's parent's images captured on film, though those photographs may be in black and white. Inside these photo albums exists an intricate story of one's heritage. Those who enjoy tracing his or her ancestry could easily flip through the pages and discover the story of his or her origins. Yet, as society developed and progressed, we as individuals sought out less and less information on our pasts and looked strictly at the future. We began taking photos for the purpose of telling our story-not for posterity, but for pure intrinsic gain. This led to near catastrophic societal events.

Black And White Photography

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The appeal of traditional black and white photography is still strong, even in the digital age, and this book offers a comprehensive guide to both the aesthetics and the technique of creating fine monochrome prints.

The emphasis throughout is on achieving your personal vision by mastering the appropriate camera and darkroom techniques. This is a down-to-earth book which tells you what you need to know without getting bogged down in unnecessary technical detail. It explains clearly how exposure, development and printing all work together to produce the intended result.

Many of the author's magnificent photographs are presented as examples, with notes on how the picture came to be taken and how it was printed. A series of detailed case studies shows how the print evolves in the darkroom, from the initial working print to the final product.


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GoPro Cameras Hero4 Canon
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GoPro Cameras Hero4 Canon
SLR Photography Photographer Nikon

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